Governing Body

The principle role of Governing body is to set broad guidelines for the institute; to take review of its operations to raise the necessary funds for the operation and maintenance of the Institute. The guidelines of the governing body help the Institute to achieve the goal of high standards in education. Board members also try to establish the link between the Institute and the business world, as the representatives of the business world.

Members of Governing body of HIMT, Rohtak:

1 Sh. Sudarshan Kumar Dhingra President
2 Sh Ashwani Khurana Vice President
3 Sh. Jitender Mehta General Secretary
4 Sh. Sunil Kumar Ahuja Treasurer
5 Sh. Nand Lal Girdhar Member
6 Sh Dinesh Dua Member
7 Sh. Munish Kumar Grover Member
8 Sh. Subhash Chander Ahuja Member
9 Sh. Rajesh Kumar Sehgal Member
10 Sh. Atam Parkash Ahuja Member
11 Sh. Pawan Ahuja Member
12 Sh. Ravinder Gugnani Member
13 Sh. Anil Bhatia Member
14 Mrs. Isha Vij Member
15 Sh. Viney Chugh Member
16 Sh. Pourush Chawla Member