Faculty & Staff

HIMT faculty is a judicious mix of senior and young academicians. The senior members are known for their outstanding academic background and teaching experience . The young faculty is highly talented with gold medalists and first position holders in their respective fields of study in the University. The whole team is vibrant and committed to the objective of providing the best education in Management and Computer Science.

Application based learning: Instead of theory based learning, our faculty members encourage application based learning whereby the theory is integrated with practice by well defined case studies as well as real life examples. Thus industry visits as well as tours are a regular feature of our curriculum and form a part of internal assessment. Compulsory Seminars: It is mandatory for all students to participate in seminars on wide variety of topics related to the curriculum, once a week.

Proctorial System: A faculty member is proctor to a group of 20 students and acts as their mentor. The proctor thus continuously monitors the performances of these students which range from their academic performance, behavioral aspects, extracurricular learning, communication skills etc.

List of Faculty
Name Designation
Dr. Hitesh Dhall Director
MCA Faculty
Dr. Pooja Nagpal HOD & Assistant Professor
Ms. Meenal Sachdeva Assistant Professor
Mrs. Meenu Nangia Assistant Professor
Dr. Jyoti Jain Assistant Professor
Ms. Tanu Assistant Professor
Mrs. Isha Vij Assistant Professor
MBA Faculty
Dr. Ashumani Bhatia HOD & Associate Professor
Dr. Aarti Dhall ATPO & Assistant Professor
Mr. Vikas Vij TPO & Assistant Professor
Dr. Jyoti Uppal Assistant Professor
Dr. Seema Chawla Assistant Professor
Mrs. Deepika Assistant Professor